Our Services

daa International provides its clients and partners with access to a full range of airport management, operational and advisory services. These services are delivered by our team of highly experienced airport professionals.

Efficient airport management requires a comprehensive understanding of operating and capital requirements, not only in the context of specific facilities, but also in the context of their contribution to the investor, the regional and global aviation networks. We provide innovative solutions that yield economic, operational, and environmental benefits when implemented.

We provide end-to-end airport operational solutions that unlock value for our clients and partners…
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As a Group, daa has a commercial mandate. Although we are a state owned enterprise, we do not receive…
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Dublin Airport is a corporatised state entity. It behaves and is treated like any other operating business…
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Understanding and resolving complex issues is at the heart of the successful technical management of airports.
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Good airport operation is completely reliant on the smart and strategic development of the infrastructure…
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daa International partners with investors in airport concessions. From an airport operational perspective…
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