Airport Operations Management

daa International offers the full range of airport operational management services with over 85 million passengers travelling through our airports.

As owner-operators, daa International is acutely aware of the technical, regulatory and commercial constraints that our clients face and we fulfil all nature of management contracts from transition handling (ORAT) to ongoing day-to-day operations. We understand the operating and capital requirements associated with all areas of the airport business and work closely with our clients to unlock optimum value from their assets.

Saudi Arabia – Riyadh

We hold an airport management contract for Terminal 5 at KKIA in Riyadh and operate the terminal on behalf of Riyadh Airports Company. There are three operative terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 5, together with the Royal Terminal, which had total passenger numbers of 26 million in 2019.  Terminal 5,  opened in May 2016, has a building area of 106,500 square meters, with 17 passenger bridges, four bussing gates, 60 check-in counters and five baggage reclaim belts. We developed a customized, passenger-centric operating model for T5 in KKIA based on a strong partnership with Riyadh Airport Company. Along with terminal management, our team in KKIA manage the car parks and also work to grow routes development and sustainability with Riyadh Airports.

Saudi Arabia – The Rea Sea

Managing the operations of the airport during three separate stages. Stage one involves ensuring that all airport designs benefit the customer. Stage two covers planning a full and seamless operational model for the airport when it opens to the public. The final stage manages and operates this plan, maintaining the highest standards in customer experience and sustainability, while prioritising safety and security.

The Red Sea International Airport is set to serve one million passengers annually by the project’s completion in 2030, with a peak capacity of 900 passengers per hour. Visitor numbers will be limited to one million, based on the environmental carrying capacity of the new Red Sea development. The airport will be powered by 100% renewable energy.

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What we do.

Growing Traffic Increasing passenger numbers, expanding the route network and securing new airlines

Facilities Management Pro-active contract management based on measurable KPIs focused on sustainability, cost efficiencies and asset life cycles

Commercial Management Driving revenue and delivering exceptional products and services including retail, F&B, car-parking and private aviation

Stakeholders Management Partnership approach using tangible metrics to achieve common goals

Airport Operations Delivering efficient, passenger-centric operations, creating consistent, award winning passenger experiences