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Dublin Airport

1st in the world to be awarded ISO 55001:2014

Terminal Facilities / Asset Management

In 2015, Dublin Airport was the first airport in the world to be awarded the International Standard for Asset Management ISO 55001:2014, allowing the organisation to consistently meet or exceed performance with respect to sustainable asset management and social-responsibility expectations.

In 2016, the airport was granted ISO 50001 Certification, an International Energy Management Standard (EMS) that establishes systems and process necessary to improve energy performance. The airport was recommended for recertification for the new 2018 standard.

Dublin Airport was a 2019 finalist in the Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards in the Sustainability category for a project that was undertaken in relation to replacing Fixed Electrical Ground Power Units.

We are a founding member of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

The IAM is a not-for-profit organisation that brings Asset Management professionals together to align thinking and share best practice. Best practice in asset management requires a variety of considerations including potential impact on the environment, disposal of waste created by the asset, contingency planning, whole life-cycle and general health of the asset.

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