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Oman Airports

IT familiarisation training programme for Oman Airports

Airport Familiarisation

IT familiarisation training programme for Oman Airports (OA)

daa International has been providing a unique blend of live laboratory experiential training combined with classroom sessions at Dublin and Cork Airport for OA since August 2014.

The functional disciplines agreed for development were:

ICT, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Asset Management and Development, Asset Care, Terminal Operations, Airside Operations, Commercial, Health, Safety and Environment, Baggage Systems, Security, Customer Information Systems.

On 18 August 2014, daa International provided the first IT familiarization 10-day training programme at Dublin Airport for 10 high potential IT OA professionals.

The programme comprised of a standardised set of elements which were delivered to all participants and a series of deep dive and on-the-job training sessions were tailored to suit the requirements and skill sets of the attendees of each group.

The classroom training represented approximately 20% of the overall course content with 80% of the time allocated to on-the-job training. The job training included deep dives into complex areas which required some additional classroom style sessions. These sessions were fundamental to understanding the complex technical areas and were classified as part of the 80% on-the-job training segment.

The technical streams included:

Service Desk, Infrastructure, Network, Platform, Airport Systems Support, Campus Systems Support, Enterprise Systems Support, Overall Manager – Support and Database Streams, Database Management, Data Management, Back Office Systems, Service Delivery, Project Office (projects), Project Office (BA), Security, Risk & Compliance, Sourcing & Vendor Management and Architecture.

To ensure that the attendees received the appropriate level of interaction required from the technical resources to derive the required level of experience from the module there was a mixed group of disciplines selected.

The programme was delivered at both Dublin and Cork Airports due to their many organisational similarities to Muscat and Salalah airports in Oman.

A choice of two cultural excursions and a social event were included in the programme which offered participants the opportunity to network and build relationships with fellow professionals and senior management at daa.

On completion of the programme each participant was formally presented with a certificate from daa International during the closing ceremony.

“The IT familiarization training programme offered OA ICT staff exposure to airport operations which is aligned with our duties in Oman. This training also enhanced our professionalism and provided an understanding the full sense of modern airport operations. The unique advantage of this training was the live laboratory experience gained by working with our Dublin Partners in their fully functioning Airport and which can be transferred to our new airports in Oman. We are excited by the vigorous, diligent and unique method of training from Aviation experts from different fields. This, therefore, is the best example known where you can extract knowledge and update new skills” – Abdullah Khamis Abdullah Al-Hinai (OA)