Case study

Future Leaders Graduate Programme for Riyadh Airports Company (RAC)


daa International has developed a Future Leaders Programme as part of the first ever Graduate Programme for Riyadh Airports Company at King Khalid International Airport (KKIA). The Leadership Development Programme includes a 10 day classroom-based training module at KKIA where daa’s Airport Leaders from Dublin and Cork Airport travel to Riyadh and deliver a series of lectures. The International module comes after 6 months of classroom, mentoring and on the job training on-site in Riyadh. The successful ‘Future Leaders’ are invited to attend a three-week international visit combining both theoretical and practical programmes, encompassing the exciting world of aviation.

The International programme consists of:

One week in Cork Airport where the focus is on airport operations including airfield management, business continuity and airside asset management.

The second week in Dublin Airport focuses on developing world class ‘Passenger Experience’ strategies and commercial revenue generation in an airport.

The final week is based in the Irish Management Institute where the participants undertake a bespoke Leadership Development Programme.

On October 26 2018, 12 Graduates from RAC completed the Leadership Development Programme where a closing ceremony and presentation took place in Dublin to celebrate their success.