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Design and Project Management of Executive Lounges

Airport Executive Lounges

We are experts in Airline and Airport Executive Lounges from concept design stage thought to project management and delivery.

East Lounge Concept and Design

Our team led the development of the Dublin Airport East Lounge concept and design. The goal was to launch a first class lounge for our passengers travelling east.

The key deliverable were the brand identity, concept, advertising martials, photography, collateral and signage.

The B2C Marketing team worked closely with the Travel Services team to deliver the new brand concepts for the East Lounge. This included brand identity and concepts for the overall look and feel of the lounge and additional Marketing support. Which included creating bespoke collateral from booklet to maps, advertising creative for OOH and social and signage to ensure passengers were aware of the locations the new East lounges.

Inspired by the intricate geometric patterns of Eastern cultures and Ogham, the ancient Irish alphabet, we have created a truly unique identity for The East Lounge. An identity that informs the character of the lounge and the experience it offers.

A thread of luxury runs through the new First Class Lounge. The concept of harmony, of togetherness, is brought to life  through our ‘golden thread’ motif, which links the different areas of the lounge, while helping the guest feel close to the experience at every touchpoint and at every moment. Discreetly catching the eye, there are flashes of gold at every turn – from the décor and furnishings to the menus and signage – constantly reminding guests that The East Lounge is somewhere special. A golden thread that links together the ultimate welcoming  experience, the absolute attention to detail and the very best of  contemporary Irish food and drinks.

Inspired by our promise to always put the human at the heart, to be warm, practical and ingenious, The East Lounge at Dublin Airport brings together every desire of the premium business and leisure traveller, all united by our golden standard of hospitality and service.

The creation of a unique luxury first class lounge where business meets leisure . We have created consumer content for the East Lounge across Dublin Airport with in- terminal signage and advertising, with a bespoke page and across the digital elements of the marketing mix.

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