Working for daa International

I would recommend, without reservation, anybody who has an interest to take it on. There is so much to learn and the Saudi culture and country is fascinating. I have no doubt that there will be many more opportunities to come.

Brian O'Malley
Terminal Manager, Dublin

Working with daa International has allowed me to deepen my experiences, work on complex exciting projects, develop new skills and broaden my perspective...daa International has undoubtedly accelerated my career in parallel with the opportunity to experience a completely new country, lifestyle and culture.

Dominic Storey
Administration Manager T5 KKIA, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Working with daa International

daa International offers a fast-paced environment with a variety of opportunities for every airport professional. As we grow into new markets where new opportunities meet different challenges, experienced team members are key to our success. The expert guidance and advice we offer our clients reflects our capabilities and experience of the people who work in daa Group.

Working at daa International gives you the unique opportunity to fast-track your career and gain new skills and experiences.

If you are ready for a new challenge, then you may be the right fit for one of our overseas assignments.

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What is it like to work with daa International?

“I have been involved in the Freight and Logistics business for over 30 years in various roles including MD of Panalpina World Transport and then changed hats to become the Senior Director of Logistics in Microsoft Ireland. This breath and understanding of both sides of the fence have helped me develop many strategies and best practices from different business models. I have always watched the daa model with great interest. So when the opportunity to work with daa International on a project in Oman came up I jumped at the chance and I am delighted I was successful. The subsequent meetings and reviews with the daa International while preparing for the first engagement in July 2017, also gave me a great insight into their project methodology linked with their high level of focus on customer satisfaction. The trip to Oman was well planned and every detail was covered by the daa International team and once I arrived in Oman I could get straight down to business as relevant meetings and contact details of all of the onsite team in Muscat airport had already been shared with me. I would highly recommend working with the daa International and the opportunities they provide allowed me to develop new skills and meet new people while experiencing a beautiful country at the same time.”
Conor Anderson, Consultant, Oman – Muscat


Job Opportunities

If you have expertise in the following areas we’d like to hear from you:

Senior Airport Management Corporate Governance, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Audit, Organisational Design, IT & Transformation, ORAT.

Senior Operations Operational Strategy, Operational Efficiency, Processes and Procedures, Stakeholder Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Subcontractor Management, KPI’s and ASQ, Fire & Rescue, Training.

Aeronautical Revenues Aeronautical Strategy, Regulation & Charges, Airline Relations, Routes Development, Airline Schedule Coordination, Low Cost Carrier expertise.

Non-Aeronautical Revenues Consumer Insights and Planning, Concession Management, Retail, Car Parking, Property Development, Real estate/Rentals, Transport.

Compliance Licencing/Certification, Safety, Security, Sustainability, Training.

Asset Care Asset Management, KPI’s/SLA’s, Maintenance, Asset Register, Sub-contractor Management.


Brilliant at the essentials

Brilliant at the essentials

Everyday we take pride in doing our job to the highest standards, creating an exceptional environment for everyone.

Respecting each other’s value

Respecting each other’s value

We work as a team. All of us have a valuable role to play; we appreciate each other’s contributions and celebrate success.

Passing the baton, not the buck

Passing the baton, not the buck

We seek solutions before presenting problems and we support each other when we stand up to take responsibility.

Always<br> better


We are constantly seeking ways to improve, and always feeling that we have the freedom to ask ‘how could this be better?’