Working for daa International

daa International provides a conduit for the daa Group to showcase its talents and capabilities to the world. My role, with the Commercial and Business Development departments, has provided me with the opportunity to work with numerous foreign companies and airports on a myriad of different projects as we have pursued the almost limitless growth available to daa International.

Geoffrey Garrett
Senior Associate

Working in an innovative, creative and dynamic environment is important to me. daa International is a young evolving business with a diverse team and one of which I am proud to be part of. My job involves working with professionals from different parts of the world and showcasing the expertise of daa through managing training and operational projects.

Emma Kelly
Base Operations Executive

Working with daa International

daa International offers a fast-paced environment with a variety of opportunities for every airport professional. As we grow into new markets where new opportunities meet different challenges, experienced team members are key to our success. The expert guidance and advice we offer our clients reflects our capabilities and experience of the people who work in daa Group.

Working at daa International gives you the unique opportunity to fast-track your career and gain new skills and experiences.

If you are ready for a new challenge, then you may be the right fit for one of our overseas assignments.

Current Roles Available

Job Opportunities

If you have expertise in the following areas we’d like to hear from you:

Senior Airport Management Corporate Governance, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Audit, Organisational Design, IT & Transformation, ORAT.

Senior Operations Operational Strategy, Operational Efficiency, Processes and Procedures, Stakeholder Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Subcontractor Management, KPI’s and ASQ, Fire & Rescue, Training.

Aeronautical Revenues Aeronautical Strategy, Regulation & Charges, Airline Relations, Routes Development, Airline Schedule Coordination, Low Cost Carrier expertise.

Non-Aeronautical Revenues Consumer Insights and Planning, Concession Management, Retail, Car Parking, Property Development, Real estate/Rentals, Transport.

Compliance Licencing/Certification, Safety, Security, Sustainability, Training.

Asset Care Asset Management, KPI’s/SLA’s, Maintenance, Asset Register, Sub-contractor Management.


Brilliant at the essentials

Brilliant at the essentials

Everyday we take pride in doing our job to the highest standards, creating an exceptional environment for everyone.

Respecting each other’s value

Respecting each other’s value

We work as a team. All of us have a valuable role to play; we appreciate each other’s contributions and celebrate success.

Passing the baton, not the buck

Passing the baton, not the buck

We seek solutions before presenting problems and we support each other when we stand up to take responsibility.

Always<br> better


We are constantly seeking ways to improve, and always feeling that we have the freedom to ask ‘how could this be better?’